My name is Catherine Au Jong and I am a fashion blogger and a business analyst. I was born in Jakarta, Indonesia on December 24, 1991 and so here I am one 24 years old girl. I studied accounting, Management Information System, and Textiles-Apparel in University of Northern Iowa, United States.I am now pursuing another major, fashion design and merchandising at College of DuPage, while working full time in Eze Software Group as a Business Analyst. My daily job is gathering requirements for new trading software features to help the trading industry grow! I really hope in the future I can plan a fashion career of myself while building a new fashion line called... Etinology.

Why Etinology?
Well to be honest I have changed my blog name several times and I also began blogging without any fashion attributes. I have several nicknames: Jong, Etina, Etin, Etinatoon, Cathy, and much more, but my given nickname is Etin. That's why I chose Etinology as a name of my blog, my first more established blog.

I started blogging in Summer 2010. I had camera and I had clothing, so after I saw some girls who blogged really well, I thought "why not?"

I am not an expert in fashion and I do not get featured a lot on magazines or any fashion sources, but one thing I know for sure that I am passionate about it. In my opinion, fashion is not about how talented, how good, how expensive, how you capable of doing it and having it, or also not only about mood.. But I think it is about practice, the more you observe and the more you do it, the greater you love it.

Besides fashion I am also passionate about photography, because I always want to express words with pictures and I want it to be emotional. I love smiling and laughing pictures the best, and I also love fashion photography very much.

Thanks for visiting my blog!
<3 Catherine [Etin]


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