Friday, September 12

I'm Dancing in The Rain

I miss Etinology. I did not realized that I have not blogged for two months now, and within these two months I have been hearing good words about my blog. Me, and perhaps many people miss the time when I used to take OOTDs daily, which would be my sophomore - junior years in college. I am trying, peeps! Trying to bring the blog alive. 

This summer has been rather odd in Chicago, it has been cold and rainy. This week though, it's even worse. I mean it is only September, and I can already feel the winter chill. Having the privilege to go home early, I used the chance to spare some times for blogging! Special thanks to princess (my grandma) for taking the pictures, regardless of the light rain. 

This season.. what do I see trending? Honestly I have not been 'in the fashion circle' for a while, especially with the busy schedules this summer. But what I have noticed is lots of textures and uniforms. One of my favorite styles is the uniform. Wearing plaid skirts, sweaters and plaid shirts reminds me of college all over again. So below is my remake of school - uniform - kinda look! 

Hat - Forever XXI, Sweaters - Forever XXI, Skirt - Forever XXI, Bag - Gosh, Shoes - Unbranded (Indonesia)

I hope you enjoyed my look of the day in this post! Let me know what you think through comments below or talk to me (don't be hesitant! I love talking and chatting). Thank you for all your positive words and comments for Etinology ^^. I will try my best to keep it alive!



Monday, July 21

Work Outfit

Working in IT, I have no pressure to dress up to the office everyday. Most of the people I work with are guys, and most of the people care less about what we wear to the office - as long as it is appropriate of course. But talking about personal brand, what you wear to the office can communicate and promote what kind of person you want to be pictured as. For me, I always want to be seen as bright, fun, and creative. I define myself as colors; so as much as possible, I would wear something with color to the office. Winter is not an exception.

Now I would like to share with you the outfit I styled for office purposes:

Top - JC Penney, Vest - Forever XXI, Skirt - Forever XXI, Shoes - Forever XXI

Dress & Blazer - Unbranded , Shoes - Jessica Simpson

Dress - JC Penney , Blazer - Mango, Shoes - Nine West

Top - Elle, Skirt - Zara, Cardigan - Forever XXI, Shoes - Mossimo

Top - Forever XXI, Pants - Forever XXI, Flats - Tory Burch

Top - Unbranded, Pants - Forever XXI, Flats - Aldo 

Which one do you like the most? ^^ Hope this is useful for your daily 'work life' !



Friday, July 18

STOP me.

Happy Summer everyone! The summer in Chicago has been amazingly wet. Today I am playing around with my 'Trial and Error Friday' and I found my self-sewn dress that I made 2 years ago for a class and a show. Yellow is the definite perfect color for summer and to compliment the color, I used red bow and belt! Now guess what .. dudu du du du.. I'm lovin it! McDonald's! Ha. Just kidding. I am happy with how funny and cute I looked with this outfit. But taking picture outside like that on the stop sign was very embarrassing (Oh it was my grandma's idea). Okay. Stop me! 

DIY dress, Forever 21 Bow, Charlotte Russe shoes

Alright. What do you think all? NAY or YAY? either way - happy summer again!