Wednesday, October 5

Black and White Love

love. love. love

Mini Dress - Zara | Over the knee boots -  
Hat - Forever XXI | Necklace -

Heard enough.. But never really understand it.


Wednesday, September 28

My Dream Wedding

Once in a while right in the middle of an ordinary life, Love gives us a Fairytale

I encountered this one site online called Archive Rentals and while I was browsing around their site, it made me wonder and imagine what my wedding is going to look like. Not that I have a guy or wedding lined up, but a girl can dream, right?

Archive Rentals is a specialty rental company and event design house which provides a lot of cute and antique furniture and pieces for your special events like parties and weddings. Their services and products range from cute pastel things, wedding furniture rentals, to rustic and vintage rentals. They also help design your event concept and experience so that your guests can feel your imagination about that dream event! 

My dream wedding has always been those by the beach, and lately wedding at the barn, too! While browsing through their site, I did see some inspirations of decoration and rentals to bring my wedding imagination to live! 


Whimsy Nautical is definitely my favorite! It's a combination of cute and romantic. Look at the nautical stage and the flower details! Isn't it adorable? I'm also loving the boat, napkin, chair, and bar details. They are all so cute, unique, and most importantly well-put together. This will definitely be my dream wedding! The great thing is, if you don't like any of the things above, Archive Rentals have a wide range of more selections that you can pick to replace it! 



Although I got enough corn and farm spending my college years in Iowa, I think wedding in the Barn or by the Barn is actually quite cute. When I saw this picture in their website, I was really inspired! Just put a couple of cute and rustic things from Archive Rentals and you'll have your cute little antique wedding. Check out this rustic event rental ideas board, get inspired, and pick the items you think can bring your dream wedding come to live! 

Check out more of their event designs and inspiration! Plan out your party and do visit their websites to make your dream party and event come true!



Tuesday, September 20

Product Review: jimmyCASE Wallet Case

I have been looking for a new case for my phone. As I am living in the city, having a phone case that can hold my CTA pass is a must. I hate needing to open my wallet in my purse in a hurry to get my bus pass. So I have been hiding my bus pass inside my phone case. I finally found my perfect match! jimmyCASE's new wallet phone case product is not only trendy and elegant, but also super practical with the cute little pocket at the back of the phone which allows me to slip in my bus pass; That way when the bus comes, I only need to scan my phone or simply get the card out of the pocket and scan it.

Their store offers a variety of wallet cases for iPhones and Android. Ssst.. They even got cases for iPhone 7! Since my phone is an iPhone 6s, I picked this iPhone 6s Wallet Case  

It looks like besides wallet cases, jimmyCASE also sells slimJIMMY, which is a slim fit wallet which will fit any of your tiny pockets!

When I got this package in the mail and opened it, I can tell it's a strong product. The material looks strong and sturdy. My dad was totally jealous when I got it, I will get him one soon!

My Experience so far... 

After using it for a couple of days, I can say that this is a good quality product. Even though my phone has fell a couple of times, my phone and the case's wood have not chipped at all. The website mentions that the wood is made of Genuine Mahogany, which explains why it looks so elegant and strong. The fabric elastic that holds my card are still tight, the fabric has not ripped or pile. The sides of the phone has Full-Frame Protection and are made of rubber, which really protects the phone whenever it falls. The material is thick and sturdy; so don't worry about chipping the corners of the phone or the case at all. The holes for camera, charger, and headphones are well made so you will not get trouble with charging at all.

I love the expensive and natural look of the case. The wood, I am totally in love with!! The olive color of the elastic matches the wood color, and it looks great with any outfit this Fall season. jimmyCASE offers a number of other colors of the elastic ranging from bright pop colors to darker ones, solid colors to stripes. Pick all that you want!

Check out their product here for awesome and super functional wallet cases that you'd like to own. As a bonus their products are handmade in the USA! So you can really trust the quality here!