Monday, July 6

Dress Link Product Review

Welcome back to Etinology! Sorry I haven't been posting for a while since last week, my time has been pretty occupied with studying for my upcoming test, Micha Store, and moving out! Yes, I am moving to the city and am very excited!

Today I want to share with you this outfit that I got from I have posted one blog post on my wishlist in their site (Find it here). Last week, I just received the package from DressLink which contains two items which are this black dress and the black skirt I wore in my previous post. I would say overall I am happy with the quality of service and item.

To be completely honest, I actually like the black skirt a lot more than the dress. The link to the skirt is here. I think it is partly because the skirt is more versatile than the dress, by that I mean that I can pair up the skirt with different types of tops and create a different look. The material of the skirt is also very comfortable, it is made of cotton and is pretty thick, ensuring it won't break easily. I have received compliments from my family and friends on the skirt. It is unique and comfortable for hot summer days in Chicago.

Top - Zara, Necklace -, Skirt -, Shoes - Forever XXI

When I received the black dress, I was a little bit confused. The link to the dress can be found here. The dress looked very nice on the site. I am not saying the dress is not nice. I think the material is good, but because the material flows or drops, it was kind of hard to tell the shape of the dress. It always took me a couple of minutes to figure out how to wear the dress. Voila! Today I finally did figure out how to put it on, and turned out it looks very nice! Therefore, here are the pictures I would like to share with you!

Dress -, Necklace -, Shoes - Unbranded

If you are looking for a cheap top, or dress, or skirt, even accessories, I would suggest you check out They have a lot of really cute and unique clothing and accessories from Asia which you can't really find around the U.S. and the quality is alright for the price you are paying. I am always a big fan of spending little for clothing, because I know fashion moves on so quick that I will only wear a piece of clothing once or twice, three is really pushing it; so paying $10 or less is perfect for me. Dress Link provides you just that - most of their products are below $15 I would say, I got the dress and skirt for $25! 

So don't forget to check out and let me know what you think!



Monday, June 29


Youngsters think the parents are driving their life, driving them nuts. Parents think the kids don't want to listen to them, driving them nuts. As the kid in my family, I have seen and noticed both views. The seniors in my family tend to steer my life to what they think is good, meanwhile I am seeing that is not where I plan to go and I would steer my life away to where I want it to be. It's really tiring sometimes. I would say to my family, it's like I'm living, but I don't live my life. 

Top - Zara, Skirt -, Necklace -, Shoes - Forever XXI

Just like any problems out there, there ought to be a solution for this. I'm sure many of you are facing the same problem whether you are the parents or the kids. No one says parents are always right, most of the time parents learn from their personal experience and their personal experience is not necessarily same with ours, it just fit better in their time, situation, and goal. Kids' opinion isn't always right either, we tend to judge based on what we want and like, not necessarily thinking the future impact of our decisions. 

I say, it's all about understanding. Meet in the middleway. Kids need to understand parents and parents need to understand kids. Parent's are not life controller, parents are mentor and life guide. By that I mean, parent suggest and advise instead of dictating and controlling. 

Growing up and understanding Asian culture, I know many of us are steered to have a promising career like doctor, engineers, programmer. Many kids follow what their parents want them to be, mostly careers that make a lot of money. Not many kids think deep down in their hear and ask, what career makes them feel good and happy. I think the society has gotten better where parents ask grant freedom to their kids to pick what they want to learn and would like to be, this is how it should be guiding instead of dictating while kids should decide and consider the guidance from their parents. 

A couple of months ago, I had an argument with dad. Luckily we had family members that helped as reconcile. We said it was a problem where I don't understand why my parents are worried, and my dad doesn't understand millenials' life. We decided that we should be more considerate of others' needs and situation. Through the conflict, I as the kid learned that sometimes parents don't intend to control you, they want to guide you because they are worried - but maybe the way it gets communicated is not the way we perceive as a guide. Meanwhile, my dad learned that millenials these days want to have control over their life and dislike being 'told' to things. The relationship require understanding, and it's more a mentorship rather than dictatorship. I'm not saying any of the side is right or wrong, when there is an issue it really misunderstanding between both sides. 

So be a good kid, steer your life but listen and consider guidance from your life mentor, your parents. And be a good parent, be a mentor for your kids and guide them to the right way according to their situation and choice. Understand, and meet in the middleway. 



Friday, June 26

Ultimate Foodies

You like to eat, I like to eat, we all like to eat. Based on my personal observation, eating out is becoming a culture in today's society. With many varieties of cuisines and artsy food out there, we appreciate food so much more today than before. We love and appreciate food so much that we created the term Foodie.

So what is Foodie? Google has it that a foodie is a person with a particular interest in food; a gourmet. Do you have a foodie friend? Well, I do and today I would like to share with you my foodie friends' thought about food and good food around the area where we live.

Welcoming my foodie friends: Connie Sundjojo and Mr. Anonymous (with initial of F.S.) !
Both of them really love eating out  eating 'good food' out. Occasionally I would see my Line chat and I would see them conversing and sharing information about food and restaurants. Ultimate Foodies seem to fit their title, isn't it? So, now let's hear what they know about food, appreciation towards good food, and how you can find good food!

Q: Connie and Mr. Anonymous, so first of all - what is your favorite cuisine? 

Connie - I am an eater. I love all sorts of kinds of food from all over the world, from Ethiopian, Indian, Mexican, Japanese, French, Spanish, to Italian. But from this year, I have had food that I crave more often than others. For example during my college years, I love love love sushi. Nothing can beat the simplicity and goodness of a good sushi. Before that it was Indonesian food (since I'm from Indonesia and I've lived all my life in Indonesia before college), this vary from region to region through out the year. A few months ago, when I just moved to Chicago, it was modern american. All the molecular gastronomy kept me in amazement of how such thing is made and how it gives you a whole new sensation of flavor and texture. Currently, I love love love good tacos, so is now Mexican.

F.S. - Honestly this is a tough one to answer. I have always loved every kind of food, different types of cuisine; and I like trying out new stuff, and food is certainly one of them.
But being an Asian (* now you know Mr. Anonymous is an Asian!), I think Asian food in general always has a special place in my heart—Korean, Japanese, Thai, Vietnamese, Indonesian, Malaysian/Singaporean, Chinese food—you name it. Oh and I love SPICY food. And yes, I do have a very high spiciness tolerance level.

Q: Now we know what favorite cuisines are; what is your favorite dish/food?

Connie - I can never get bored of  Indonesian food, since I grew up with it. But I will never say no to a good nigiri sushi.

F.S. - I wish, again, I could name you one! I don't have one single favorite food; I mean, c'mon, there
are literally tons of great foods out there!
Though, I can name you a few which I really like in the Chicagoland area: Bak Kut Teh (this one is from Asian Noodle House), Japanese Ramen (this one is the one I recently tried and it's amazing! It's the Miso Bold & Spicy from Ramen Takeya), Korean BBQ - Cho Sun Ok is my favorite go-to Korean BBQ restaurant in Chicago. And again, these are just a few of them. My list can go on and on and on...

Q: So after you've experienced eating out in many restaurants around the area, what do you think is the best/most memorable food you have had?

Connie - This month I went to 42 grams. I had the best sweetbread I have ever tasted throughout my whole life. The veal sweetbread is coated with ash eggplant, which gives it a hint of bitterness. It is then topped with frozen foi gras powder that slowly melts because of the heat from the sweetbread, and it all sits on top of a sweet and tangy golden berry puree. Nothing is better, one of the most memorable dish ever! Before that on March I went to Fat Rice, there I had the best pork belly I have ever tasted in my whole life. The pork belly is cooked like Indonesian pork sweet soy sauce but with a touch of tamarind. This dish blew my mind because it was done better than the ones I had in Indonesia. A touch of acidity from the tamarind is simply genius. It brightens up the fatty goodness of the pork belly just enough.

Battered Fried Shrimp in Sweet and Spicy Sauce

F.S. - In the past year, I think the Battered Fried Shrimp in Sweet & Spicy Sauce from Peking Mandarin Restaurant would make it into my list. I remember the taste still lingered in my mouth and mind even hours after eating it!

Q: What do you think is the best restaurant in the US? What about in Chicago? Why? Which dish? 

Connie -  In the US. Boston: Oya and Neptune Oyster. I will have to say that Oya is the best Japanese restaurant I have tried so far. The nigiri is not a traditional Japanese nigiri. They present it with molecular gastronomy. My most memorable dish there is the monk fish liver sashimi and kobe beef. The monk fish liver is the definition of umami. It's very creamy, and just umami. Kobe beef is good. hahaha.. In Austin, I had the best steak ever. Cote du beouf Qui. Franklin BBQ is also spot on. In Seattle, it will be Walrus and the Carpenter. In my opinion, they are the best seafood restaurant! In Chicago,  Fat Rice for their pork belly tamarindo, Girl and the Goat for their pigs face (I had this dish 6 times. 4 was great but 2 times wasn't that good, they need to work on their consistency), Avec with their bacon wrap medjool dates stuffed with chorizo, Publican for their porchetta with raisins and pine nuts (menu changes very often). Juno Sushi, the uni on top of mirugai with truffle oil and salt is above and beyond good. The list could go on hahaha..

F.S. - I think it depends on what you're looking for, and what factors you take into account in
defining "the best". Food isn't like math which most of the time has a clear-cut answer.
My personal favorite, you can never go wrong with Asian Noodle House. It has a great selection of dishes, and are all very affordable. Noodles in the Pot has an amazing Pad Woon Sen with Beef, the best Penang Crispy Noodles, and their Pad See Eiw is palatable. Rickshaw Republic has great Indonesian dishes (and they're the only Indonesian restaurant in Chicago!), and Carnivale offers a great ambiance and experience.

The most memorable steakhouse I've tried in the US is Peter Luger in New York. They have the juiciest, tastiest, fattest bacon I've ever had. Period.

Q: In your opinion, what makes food and eating experience enjoyable? 

Connie - I just read an article about mindful eating last week and tried to practice it since. The instruction is to think absolutely only about the food you're eating, while eating it. Think about the smell, flavor, and how it's made. I think it brought my appreciation towards food to a whole new level. Even a raw tomato taste very delicious when you eat it mindfully. Besides that, the company we have at the time has a big impact on the overall experience. When you're able to discuss how good the food is with your friends, the experience is just so awesome! But don't be afraid to eat in a restaurant alone! I often do this, and I enjoy it a lot. You can't just depend on others' availability to enjoy good food! Also, I think when you cook with love the food somehow taste better. Just like the home-cooked food prepared by your parents, it's very simple but yet you'll remember is for the rest of your life (at least to me).

F.S. - Taste, Service, Location, Hygiene, Ambiance — each plays an important role.

Q: What tips would you give to those who are looking for great food and dining experience around them?

Connie - Bizzare foods with Andrew Zimmern, The layover with Anthony Bourdain are two of my go to culinary travel advisor. Buzzfeed travel, sometimes have a very good suggestions on where to go.

F.S. - Do your homework — research, ask around, and sometimes, be adventurous. Places with bad ratings are not necessarily always bad. Sometimes these places have a few or very specific dishes that are really amazing, like the Briyani from Hyderabad House.

Life is short, so live it to the fullest. And yes, one of my mottoes: "Most people eat to live, but I live to eat."

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Now do you feel hungry and feeling like hitting one of the restaurants mentioned? Me too! Hope you learned a lot from this post and learn to appreciate food more.


Catherine. Connie. F.S.