Saturday, October 3

Move Backward Look Forward

Sweaters - H&M, Top - Forever 21, Skirt - Unbranded, Shoes - Ash, Necklace -, Purse - Zara

Hi from Chicago! It is super chilly these past days with the wind blowing super hard. I got sick yesterday evening because of the cold, strong wind here. Today it's cold again (not liking it)! And so it is the time for my bulky sweaters to go out. I paired up my white sweaters from H&M with a new skirt from mom. It is really bulky and thick as well. To color my all white outfit, I decided to put on my new favorite necklace from I love the unique style and color of this necklace, it is so refreshing! 

My life this past week has been really strange, actually. A lot of changes and moves; taking some steps back and actually rethinking my priorities. I got to feel like an adult, going out of the box and seeing what I need to do differently. I learned that sometimes you can stop what you do to save a bigger things, and for me it is relationship with other people. Realizing that stopping what we do is not always bad and destructive anyways, in fact it can be good. So if you are facing problems, take a step back and see your problem in a bigger picture - talk to your close friends and family, ask for suggestions, and discuss. Sometimes you can cry and you can be angry, let it all out. If you have to stop, do it knowing that good and better things will come your way. Move backward - and don't forget to look forward. 



Monday, September 21

Why did I choose to Blog?

I have blogged for many years. I started when I was a sophomore in college, which means it was 5 years ago. I don't think I have shared the reason why I wanted to be a blogger, but now I would like to share with you my story.

Top - H&M, Pants - Forever XXI, Hat - Forever XXI, Boots - H&M, 
Purse - Zara, Necklace - 

It came down to the fact that I want to be known. I have always wanted to be a part of the fashion community, and I thought blogging can help me be part of the community. I want to be part of fashion, but lately I feel discouraged and I feel that my love towards fashion is so one sided.

When I was in Iowa, I have always been so happy. People knew my blog and they always had positive comment about my style and my blog. It was great to be around the positivity.

Since I moved to Chicago, I noticed that people are a lot more fashionable and they care about what you wear. I've heard people saying good things and also bad things about my style and taste.

If you have figured out my style, I am probably different than most of the popular bloggers out there. The ones that holds Prada, or the ones that wear Jimmy Choo on their feet. I am a budget blogger, I believe that I can style inexpensive thing, and still looks nice. I want to inspire and motivate regular people like me, who does not have the luxury of buying branded bags, that we can still express our style and personality. Fashion is not always expensive, it's not always about brand, so what about made in China? You don't know if your purse was once made in China right? Fashion comes and go anyway, you wear your clothes once or twice - you may be bored already.

I believe that fashion is bold, unique, and personal. When you have the gut and braveness to wear what you wear, you will shine. Fashion is unique and different: if everyone wears the same thing, it's so boring isn't it? Imagine if there is only 1 flavor of ice cream: vanilla? Fashion is personal, you can wear what you want, what you feel makes you feel you, makes you feel comfortable and expressed.

People told me my style is ugly, my clothes don't make sense, it's old and thrifty. I don't cry, I don't feel sad, but it makes me feel that maybe fashion is not for me. I love fashion, but I'm not good at it. I once, twice, trice consulted to my family and friends, how I feel... Thanks to them, they always bring me up, they told me that every people have different style - trust yourself that good to yourself is good. Be confident and kick ass :)

I will continue blogging and inspire others, and again I will be bold, unique, and personal.


Catherine Au Jong

Monday, July 6

Dress Link Product Review

Welcome back to Etinology! Sorry I haven't been posting for a while since last week, my time has been pretty occupied with studying for my upcoming test, Micha Store, and moving out! Yes, I am moving to the city and am very excited!

Today I want to share with you this outfit that I got from I have posted one blog post on my wishlist in their site (Find it here). Last week, I just received the package from DressLink which contains two items which are this black dress and the black skirt I wore in my previous post. I would say overall I am happy with the quality of service and item.

To be completely honest, I actually like the black skirt a lot more than the dress. The link to the skirt is here. I think it is partly because the skirt is more versatile than the dress, by that I mean that I can pair up the skirt with different types of tops and create a different look. The material of the skirt is also very comfortable, it is made of cotton and is pretty thick, ensuring it won't break easily. I have received compliments from my family and friends on the skirt. It is unique and comfortable for hot summer days in Chicago.

Top - Zara, Necklace -, Skirt -, Shoes - Forever XXI

When I received the black dress, I was a little bit confused. The link to the dress can be found here. The dress looked very nice on the site. I am not saying the dress is not nice. I think the material is good, but because the material flows or drops, it was kind of hard to tell the shape of the dress. It always took me a couple of minutes to figure out how to wear the dress. Voila! Today I finally did figure out how to put it on, and turned out it looks very nice! Therefore, here are the pictures I would like to share with you!

Dress -, Necklace -, Shoes - Unbranded

If you are looking for a cheap top, or dress, or skirt, even accessories, I would suggest you check out They have a lot of really cute and unique clothing and accessories from Asia which you can't really find around the U.S. and the quality is alright for the price you are paying. I am always a big fan of spending little for clothing, because I know fashion moves on so quick that I will only wear a piece of clothing once or twice, three is really pushing it; so paying $10 or less is perfect for me. Dress Link provides you just that - most of their products are below $15 I would say, I got the dress and skirt for $25! 

So don't forget to check out and let me know what you think!