Sunday, November 30


I am back this Winter season, this time the theme of my outfit is Frozen. For thanksgiving dinner this year, I decided to go sort of classic. I actually really love maxi A-line skirt with graphics on it: this skirt is one of my favorites! Basic white shirt and black cardigan would always fit into this style! A sparkle of jeweled head band helped me to create the fairy tale look. The color just froze the whole outfit. 

Top - Forever 21, Cardigan - Forever 21, Skirt - Chic Wish, Boots - Ross, Necklace - Forever 21

Hope you enjoyed your thanksgiving break. I am wrapping up mine today - but I am ready for my month-long vacation to Hong Kong, Australia (Melbourne and Sydney), and New Zealand in two weeks! Will update you with my vacation posts!

Have a warm winter, my lovely readers!



Sunday, October 5

Denim Stripes and Maxi Cardi

It is finally October! My second most favorite month of the year because I love Halloween! But the cold and the breeze start to get to me these days. I think this weekend is too cold, too cold to be the first week of October and I am not ready yet. I still want to wear shorts, dresses, sandals and no coat. Fortunately today was good, I could wear a bit of dress and cardigan. 

I got this dress last year when I went to Jakarta. I love it because I think it is different; it's made of denim material and the color is so delightful: light blue and white. It is indeed one of my fave, too bad it is just too thick to be worn during summer - but too bad the skirt is so mini so I was trying to endure some breeze and cold when I had these pictures taken. Thanks to my maxi cardigan from Forever XXI. I got these cardigans long before the dress, actually, I got this about 2 years ago. I don't think the maxi cardi style was quite out there, not many people except some bloggers actually wear it. In this case it was rather functional because it blocks some wind from the back of my legs, so the cold was not too bad at least. It was hard mixing and matching this cardi with some of my outfit, but what do you think about this combination? Oh by the way that head band of mine says 'Look at Me' - my aunt thought it is pretty narcissistic. 

/* Dress - Unbranded, Cardigan - Forever XXI, Shoes - Charlotte Russe, Hair Band - Claire's */

Hope you enjoyed these pictures taken by my talented grandma~! and stay warm. See you on my next post!



Friday, September 26

Hi! School Basics

I am not sure how many of you noticed that I kind of stole the idea of Hi! School Love On k-drama on my title of this post. I totally run out of idea what shall I name this post with, but thank you outfit.. now I know my post has a name. 

Today was a rather hot day, but since two days ago I already knew what is my next outfit post going to be. This is totally what I was thinking about minus the scarf. The stuff I wear today are for the most part my favorite items in the closet, especially the top, the skirt, the scarf, the shoes, and the bag (well that's why I said everything). You will not believe how much I love this top, and believe it or not I bought this top from.. Walmart for $12. I do have a lot of skirts and pants of different colors of different strange shapes. And this top would be one of the best candidate to match with any of the bottoms. The thing about it is that it is not like any other office blouse; you can fold the sleeve, also the top button is not too high so you can give it some swag. I can look formal, I can look non-formal, and I can look like a student (Right?) with this top! Definitely a good $12 investment - oh! I've had it for 1 year too. 

Top - Walmart, Skirt - H&M, Socks - Forever XXI, Shoes - H&M, Scarf - Gift 

Share your stories, I mean what other good basics investment have you made? Tanks? Blouses like mine? Skirts? or Pants? or purse??